All is quiet, all is still, but on the horizon clouds are gathering… as we enter April we know that we have just a few quieter weeks left before the crazy period starts!

We are kicking off the season with a massive event for the Melbourne Minxes, where we are completely sold out. So much so that we made the decision a few months back to get even more tents. We will be sleeping 102 people across 24 tents. That is a lot of beds and duvets!! After the Melbourne event, we are busy every single weekend (and some weeks) all the way through to the end of September. Don’t worry though, we can still squeeze in more bookings 😉

As the days lengthen we find ourselves out in the sunshine almost every day (apart from the quite common lack of actual sun). Certainly no vitamin D deficiency in our line of work. We might actually get tans for a change!

We do want to thank all the friends, family and many people that have advised us and supported us in our journey from a spark of an idea to a roaring flame of a business. We could not have done it without you all and we are not looking back!

On a slight tangent, we appear to have adopted a pair of Mallard ducks…


They flew in one day a few weeks ago, we fed them, and now they come back every day for some food, we are going through bird seed like you wouldn’t imagine! I don’t think our chunky bunny is that impressed. They like to bathe and drink from an old roasting tin. We have reassured them that no duck has ever been cooked in there before!

Hopefully nature will keep flocking to our garden 🙂