Spring has sprung!

So the daffodils and snowdrops are coming out…such a lovely time of year, the days are getting longer and the sun is coming out for longer! One thing we can’t wait for is seeing the new born lambs!

We have a couple more months until the busy season and things are hotting up. March is filling up quick and fast with new exciting bookings.


We have our tents on delivery 🙂  Very excited!



We have been working on editorials for Diversify Now and Open Air Magazine for February, very pleased at being able to give other people advice about the Glamping sector. Both magazines go out to different readerships, Diversify Now is a great magazine for all those who have the land but not sure what to do with it, (mostly farms) the magzine is full of some great advice. Open Air Magazine goes out to event organisers, and also land owners and concentrates on events, with some great advice on how you can start and build a successful business. Definetly both worth a read!

So we can almost say we have everything ready to go for the year, I’ve designed our own calendar to keep track of the summer ahead (the ones you can buy in shops are just too small!) We got our new guest books designed and ready to go. I was going to make a start on the sewing machine but I’ve gave in for now 🙁 just too much going on! Alex has been busy outside creating tables and crates for the tents and we are working on a new design for our Chill out/Play tents! We are loving seeing the start of enquries come in for 2018, and the prospect of having a more permanent glamping site!

This month we got our beautiful new van. Pictures on Instagram. We now have the mobility of transporting business goods without having to squeeze it all in a Peugeot!

This month we managed to get away for our 6 year anniversary 🙂 we went back to Chester, such a lovely city, would definetly recommend it as a place to visit. We stayed at the lovely Doubletree by Hilton Chester, it has a fantastic spa! Of course we then went to the Zoo and spent 5 hours there!! We were wiped out for the rest of the day! Most of all we enjoyed having the time to ourselves 🙂

Until next time!

Helen and Alex xx

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