Our house is turning into a warehouse

Soooo…..fantastic January so far. Never would have thought January would be our busiest month to date, we were all ready for a steady month. We are still in the middle of getting everything up and running so we are having lots and lots of deliveries, but just have nowhere to put them, the house is starting to look a little bit like a warehouse if we’re honest. We get our brand new van next week that we are very excited about!! It also means we won’t need to keep transporting everything around in a Peugeot 108…its a bit tight!

So January…we had a very productive meeting at the pub with the organisers for OSFEST 2017, we are very excited to be a part of this festival and since taken our first few bookings. We have sold out for MELBOURNE MINXES even the extra ones we have ordered 🙂 and with all this going on we have sold out of tents for weekend bookings for August 2017, unless it’s for OSFEST.

With only a few weekends left we are very excited about the summer to come! We are full of ideas and cannot wait to start setting the tents up!

That’s all for now, see you soon x




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